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    A Focus on Results | We Know Horses

    EQUINE Practice Areas include commercial transactions, purchase sale agreements, professional liability defense, insurance coverage disputes, real estate law, and corporate litigation. 

    We have personal experience with horses, the life style, and world of equestrian sports.  Experience makes the difference to understanding your circumstances.  We will work with you to achieve a business strategy for success together.

    No More Barn Drama | OBM - Outsource Barn Management

    We know exactly what barn drama is!  And every time it surfaces, you are destined for a extremely long and nasty day at your own facility. 



    Equus Law is the originator of Outsource Barn Management Services.  With OBM, we are the buffer between you and your boarders.  We filter the drama, manage the outcome, and act interference for a simple, no drama, speedy resolution.  

    How is this possible? | We are more than a barn manager.  We are your facility concierge, gatekeeper and business attorney all in one.  And when the barn drama hits, and it will, the impact of "call my lawyer " goes a long way to instantly silence your boarder drama.  In addition, we are off site with on-call management services which removes the drama away from you and out of your barn.   

    OBM value added legal services include boarding agreements manager, liability risk management, commercial and equestrian facility insurance coverage, and unpaid board evictions.

    The first step is for us to work with you and design a management plan tailored to  your needs and boarding services offered at your facility.  

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